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Psychology is the study of human behaviour. Here at Outwood Academy Adwick, Psychology is available to our GCSE and A Level students.

A Level: The new AQA KS5 course gives students the opportunity to learn about the key approaches in psychology, including; behaviourist, cognitive, biological and social learning approaches to psychology and to apply these to different topic areas. An understanding of the emergence of psychology and the scientific status debate is developed early on, alongside learning about research methods. Once students have a firm grip on what psychology is, they can then apply key concepts to topic areas including; memory, social influence, psychopathology, attachment and biopsychology. Within each topic area, students learn about key theories, research studies and how the area is beneficial to society, e.g. within the Memory topic, students will learn about theories of memory and forgetting, which is then applied to the court process of eye witness testimonies and the strategies police interviewers now apply.

Year 13 students will progress onto the 2nd year of the course by investigating further key approaches, including psychodynamic and humanistic psychology plus a deeper consideration of the biological aspects of psychology. They then investigate 3 applications, applying their AS knowledge to explain branches in psychology such as; forensic psychology, clinical psychology (Schizophrenia) and gender. There’s an additional synoptic element to the complete A Level, requiring students to apply their knowledge to issues and debates, including; Nature Vs Nurture, Free Will and Determinism, Ethics, Holism and Reductionism and then the different bias in psychology. Lots of our students choose to continue their studies in psychology at degree level.

In addition to the classroom based learning, the Humanities department has provided opportunities for psychology students to compete in the Family Of Schools inter academy psychology competition (hosted by Adwick in 2016), and to attend student conferences to further inspire, motivate and develop understanding in psychology.

GCSE: Students at Outwood Academy Adwick are also able to access psychology in the very successful OCR GCSE course. This gives students an insight into psychology and develops the skills that are later applied at A Level. The GCSE students again have a key focus on research methods and developing an understanding of the key approaches to psychology, but learn about key concepts, theories, studies and applications of a lot more topic areas, including; memory, perception, attachments, gender, cognitive development, obedience, criminal behaviour, atypical behaviour, non verbal communication and the self. There is a key focus in developing independence and training the students to demonstrate their understanding in this fully examined course.

What our student’s say:

‘I think that Psychology is a very interesting course, there is always something to be doing and it looks into things in depth. I enjoy Psychology a lot and I would recommend this course. It’s hard work but is excellent to have’. (Summer Bull – achieved A* at GCSE, B in A level 2016)

‘Thank you for the opportunity to learn about psychology, it’s been hard work but you have managed to calm us down and prepare us to do well in our exams whilst still making it fun. It’s a very interesting course and I get to continue studying psychology at university ’. (Liane Hemsley – achieved A at GCSE and A Level 2016).


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Miss A Cox

Teacher of Psychology

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Overview of the Year for psychology at Key Stage 4 – to be offered in 2016


If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Miss Cox.

Overview of the year for Psychology at Key Stage 5 – Year 12 AQA


Overview of the year for Psychology at Key Stage 5 – Year 13 Edexcel


If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Miss Cox.

Enrichment opportunities in Psychology:

Wednesday 2.30pm – 3.30pm – AS/A2 psychology revision and exam technique

SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)