Sophie May Williams visited Outwood Academy Adwick

We were delighted to welcome Sophie May Williams, a student from Outwood Grange Academy to Adwick on Friday 9th May. Sophie was a member of Team Will during the most recent BBC series of The Voice, and reached the semi finals. She performed for Years 7 and 8 during the VMG slots and we filmed her performance to share with all students. Sophie was also available during our lunch break and signed photographs for students.


Services to Education Award 2014

Congratulations to Marie Robson, Head of Humanities at Outwood Academy Adwick who last night received The Doncaster Free Press Best in Schools Award for Services to Education.

The award was presented at a ceremony held at Doncaster Rugby Club that honoured individuals from all aspects of school life for dedicated service to young people. Others honoured included teachers, catering, site, administrative support and pastoral staff from schools across Doncaster.

Marie’s award was for over 35 years devoted to the care and learning of two generations of young people in the Outwood Academy Adwick catchment area. She was nominated by the students that she teaches. Her nomination citation reads:

“Marie Robson has taught tirelessly at Adwick for over 35 years. In that time she has enriched the lives of countless individuals and families. Her passion and enthusiasm for her subject is as strong as it was the day she began. Her desire to see every child develop an enquiring love of History is prolific. Her constant belief that every child has the right to fulfil their potential ensures young people love and respect her. In her time at Adwick, she has taught History, Geography, Maths, English, Science, French, Spanish, Life, Health & Social Care and many others. She has put 100% effort into all her lessons and the variety of subjects she has taught. Despite History being her passion, Marie ensures all subjects receive the same high degree of regard.

Current students frequently tell her “You were my mum or dad’s favourite teacher”. Former students have come back and visited and have felt heartened that she has soldiered on through good times and bad. Marie is a genuinely warm and caring person. Through her many roles over the years as a Head of House, Head of Year, Head of Key Stage, Associate Assistant Principal and Head of Humanities, she has often fulfilled the role of substitute parent, carer, mentor, counsellor, social worker, shoulder to cry on and friend. Each role she has undertaken with the utmost care respect and professionalism. Respect is the driving force for Marie – respect for each and every individual she meets irrespective of background, needs or circumstances.

On receiving her award Marie said “it is an honour to be recognised for just doing my job, but it is the best job in the world!”

Present to see Marie receive her award were her husband David and Academy Principal Carolyn Blundell. Mrs Blundell fully supported Marie’s nomination and echoed the kind words from the students. “Marie is committed, conscientious and dedicated to the work of our Academy. I am thrilled that she has secured this public recognition”.

Today Marie is back at work doing what she does best every day. Enriching learners’ lives.

Art Department - Identity

The collection of portraits that stare out at you as you pass the gallery at OAA, are all the work of our extremely creative Year 12 students. They started the project, ‘Identity’ in January and were given a brief to produce a piece of work for the mental health charity, Mind. The brief asked students to look at themselves, their attitudes, beliefs and personal history in order to create a thought provoking piece of contemporary art. It was important that the students considered themselves and their individual past experiences. We asked students to reflect upon the following questions: What makes up our identity? What prejudices do we have? Are our opinions influences by stereotypes? Do our thoughts about who we are affect our behaviour? What makes us individual?

Students began by researching a range of historical and contemporary art to investigate what artists had done and are doing with the theme of ‘Identity’. They investigated how artists communicate who they are as people through the use of visual language, media and techniques. Some artists appealed directly to the students who felt a kinship in terms of spiritual and cultural concerns. Others were inspired by artists whose work addressed issues of a more social and moral nature.

When they were suitably inspired, the Year 12 students started developing visual ideas in their sketchbooks which led up to a final outcome and as you can see, their work confronts and challenges the viewer.

Laura Mee produced her large scale portrait from collage cuttings regarding bullying issues while Kiera Shawcroft created a highly accomplished pencil study that explores themes of insecurity and hidden feelings. Jamie Groom adopted a realist approach in his self-portrait that forces the viewer to decipher the expression in his face.

The students should be commended on their reserves of resilience, communication and most of all, creativity.

GCSE Exam Results 2014

Outwood Academy Adwick is once again delighted for their students as they achieve excellent results at GCSE.

“Sir Michael Wilkins, Academy Principal and Chief Executive of Outwood Grange Academies Trust, said he is delighted with the leadership of the Executive Principal, Martyn Oliver and the Principal, Carolyn Blundell as students once again achieve excellent results. We are proud of our students and the support given by their parents/carers, all of the staff at the academy and the governors”.

Carolyn Blundell, Principal, said “These are fabulous results for our students and I want to thank them, their parents/carers and all of the staff at the academy. I am delighted that 59% of students achieved the very difficult new performance measure of 5+ A*-C including GCSE English, maths and now a further GCSE with only a maximum of two vocational results counting in the measure. These results reflect the hard work of everyone involved and I wish all of our students every success in the future.”

Focus on Geography

Fieldwork is widely regarded as an essential component of geography education and at Outwood Academy Adwick the geography department wants to ensure all students experience the joy of deep learning that field work brings. Learning outside the classroom has become an integral part of the geography curriculum in Year 7 and 8 ensuring our students develop practical skills to accompany the knowledge learnt in class. Over 400 students participated in fieldwork during the 2014 summer term, with many Twitter updates from students sharing their success and enjoyment with the wider community; so much so our commitment to this form of learning was noticed by The Geographical Association.

During the summer term all Year 7and 8 students participated in fieldwork in the local environment including traffic surveys, ecological studies, field techniques and urban landscapes. All students studying for GCSE Geography (Years 9, 10 and 11) participated in a trip to the Holderness coast as part of their geographical investigation into the effect of geology on the coastal geomorphology.