Science and Pseudoscience Psychology Conference


What a fantastic day at the Science and Pseudoscience Psychology conference at Royal Northern College of Music. We took 17 Year 12 and 13 students and they were actively involved in the different sessions, including; Dr Dance, Science and Pseudoscience, the amazing brain, experimental demonstrations and hypnosis. Rhys, Isabelle, Will, Vinny and Sarah all volunteered and got on stage with the psychologists. We won a DVD (to be given to next week's star student) and Vinny was given 6 free tickets to Andrew Newton's hypnosis show.

We were lucky enough to hear from some very experienced psychologists; Phil Banyard, Cara Flanagan, Mike Caldwell, Peter Lovett, Oliver Meeth and Andrew Newton - I am keen to see the students apply their new knowledge to their learning and practise. All students represented us well and made the day enjoyable.