Success in maths


A few weeks ago the Year 12 and Year 13 mathematicians entered the UK senior mathematics challenge. The UK senior mathematics challenge is the first qualification round of the international mathematics Olympiad. Top performing students are then invited to take part in follow on rounds and the very best can represent their country in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Around 1000 top scorers in the Senior Challenge are invited to take part in the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 and around 2000 are invited to take part in the Senior Kangaroo.

The mark required for a gold certificate (top 10% in the country) was 88 marks. The mark required for automatic entry into the Senior Kangaroo (top 2000 students) was 90 marks. The mark required for automatic entry into the British Mathematics Olympiad Round 1 (top 1000 in the country) was 106 marks. Ross Waddoups in Year 12 achieved 107 marks.

Already he has made a fantastic achievement that deserves enormous congratulations. I have never known a student to get automatic qualification to the BMO1. The next step for him is a three and half hour paper that he will sit in school on Friday 2nd of December. This is a very challenging paper.

The top 100 students from the BMO1 are eligible to sit the BMO2 paper. The top students from the BM02 paper get the opportunity to represent the UK in the international mathematics Olympiad.