Bus Timetables

To Outwood Academy Adwick

532 (Skellow – Carcroft – Outwood Academy) – AM

From Skellow, Hampole Balk Lane/Crabgate Lane via Hampole Balk Lane, Hampole Balk, Cross Hill, Skellow Road, Chestnut Avenue, Lodge Road, Carcroft, Owston Road, Station Road, Church Lane, Doncaster Lane, Village Street, Mill Lane, Fern Bank, Tenter Balk Lane to Outwood Academy

  • 7.25am – Skellow, Hampole Balk Lane/Crabgate Lane
  • 7.29am – Skellow, Skellow Road/Briar Road
  • 7.33am – Carcroft, Chestnut Avenue/Lodge Road
  • 7.35am – Carcroft, Owston Road/New Street
  • 7.40am – Outwood Academy, Tenter Balk Lane

Destination to Display “532 Outwood Academy”

Departure from Outwood Academy Adwick

532 (Outwood Academy – Carcroft – Skellow) – PM

From Outwood Academy via Windmill Balk Lane, Doncaster Lane, Church Lane, Station Road, Owston Road, Carcroft, Lodge Road, Chestnut Avenue, Skellow Road, Cross Hill, Hampole Balk, Hampole Balk Lane to Skellow, Hampole Balk Lane/Crabgate Lane

  • 14.40pm – Outwood Academy, Windmill Balk Lane
  • 14.44pm – Carcroft, Owston Road/High Street
  • 14.47pm – Carcroft, Chestnut Avenue/Rydal Road
  • 14.52pm – Skellow, Skellow Road/Briar Road
  • 14.55pm – Skellow, Hampole Balk Lane/Crabgate Lane

Destination to Display “532 Skellow”

Conduct on journeys to and from the Academy by public transport

The journey to and from the Academy is an important part of the Academy day. If this journey is planned and carried out with care the start and finish of a child’s Academy day will be less stressful – which should help them to attain the greatest benefit from their education.

Bus Route – 50/50A

Bus Route – 54