Outwood Academy Adwick is pleased to be working with HeppSY for another year.

HeppSY is part of a National programme funded by the Higher Education funding council for
England (HEFCE) to support young people most at risk of missing out on higher education.
They work with year 9 to year 13 students who live in designated areas where participation
in Higher Education is lower than would be expected based on GCSE results.

HeppSY provides valuable opportunities for our students, enabling them to access what
higher education provides. Through this partnership students are able to gain advice and
guidance from Universities as well as visiting and exploring them at taster events and tours.

Our students are provided with the opportunity to experience the HeppSY mobile classroom
where they can develop their knowledge of Higher Education, take part in activities such as
summer school, finance workshop and other Higher Education opportunities.

As part of our ongoing work with HeppSY we have updated our privacy notices to include
HeppSY and will therefore be sharing your child’s data with them when it is appropriate.

To find out more about HeppSY please visit https://extra.shu.ac.uk/heppsy/

(If possible could the privacy guides for parents and students be added to this
section, so its all together, they are currently in the policies section)

For further information on Higher Education please visit

https://www.hepp.ac.uk/who-are-you/secondary/ Information on Higher Education including videos

https://www.ucas.com/ UCAS is the gateway to applying for higher education
courses. On this website there is information on all the courses, plus links to the
universities and colleges individual websites.

UCAS information for parents and carers

https://www.ofsuniconnect.org/ information for young people and parents/carers


https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/higher-and-degree-apprenticeships link
to government website about degree apprenticeship.