All events will be held in the main Academy Hall – please use the student entrance on Windmill Balk Lane. There will be no access via the Visitor Entrance.

Trutex Sizing/Ordering Event:

Wednesday 30th July 2014 3pm – 6pm

Uniform Collection Date:

Monday 18th August 2014 10am – 3pm

Year 6 Uniform Collection Date:

Tuesday 26th August 2014 10am – 3pm

The collection of portraits that stare out at you as you pass the gallery at OAA, are all the work of our extremely creative Year 12 students. They started the project, ‘Identity’ in January and were given a brief to produce a piece of work for the mental health charity, Mind. The brief asked students to look at themselves, their attitudes, beliefs and personal history in order to create a thought provoking piece of contemporary art. It was important that the students considered themselves and their individual past experiences. We asked students to reflect upon the following questions: What makes up our identity? What prejudices do we have? Are our opinions influences by stereotypes? Do our thoughts about who we are affect our behaviour? What makes us individual?

Students began by researching a range of historical and contemporary art to investigate what artists had done and are doing with the theme of ‘Identity’. They investigated how artists communicate who they are as people through the use of visual language, media and techniques. Some artists appealed directly to the students who felt a kinship in terms of spiritual and cultural concerns. Others were inspired by artists whose work addressed issues of a more social and moral nature.

When they were suitably inspired, the Year 12 students started developing visual ideas in their sketchbooks which led up to a final outcome and as you can see, their work confronts and challenges the viewer.

Laura Mee produced her large scale portrait from collage cuttings regarding bullying issues while Kiera Shawcroft created a highly accomplished pencil study that explores themes of insecurity and hidden feelings. Jamie Groom adopted a realist approach in his self-portrait that forces the viewer to decipher the expression in his face.

The students should be commended on their reserves of resilience, communication and most of all, creativity.

About Us

“The whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Sir Michael Wilkins - Academy Principal and Chief Executive

The Academy will be open on the following days for students to collect exam results:

A Level and Level 3 Results – Thursday 14th August – 10am to 12pm

GCSE and Level 2 Results – Thursday 21st August – 10am to 12pm

Both events will take place in the Academy Hall – entry to the Academy will be via the Student Entrance on Windmill Balk Lane.

Latest News

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    Maths Extravaganza

    At the beginning of July the mathematics department invited a select group of students and their parents and carers to join the Academy in celebrating their hard work, dedication and progress in the first of our Maths Extravaganzas. The event began with number puzzles and games to stretch and engage all, from our youngest visitors to parents and grandparents. Strawberries and cream provided delicious refreshment on a sunny evening and the department demonstrated why maths is fun. The event was led by the mathmagician Andrew Jefferies, who entertained all involved, with his unique style of magic based around key mathematics principles. The event was the second of the Academy’s reward and celebrate events and we will continue these into next year.


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    Year 5 Maths Extravaganza

    On Thursday 3rd July Outwood Academy Adwick opened the doors of its maths department to over one hundred and fifty Year 5 children from all of its primary pyramid. The students were invited to have lunch in the restaurant where they experienced lunch time in a secondary school. They were then whisked off to the maths department to participate in a carousel of mathematical activities including an investigation into the leap frog problem, maths Jenga and a Braille task. The event concluded with an interactive performance from the famous Mathmagician Andrew Jefferies. As part of the Year 5 maths taster sessions on the 3rd July 2014, we asked all students to produce a tessellation picture – and we are happy to announce the winners as Owston Park Primary School, who received maths puzzles for their hard work. All the children enjoyed their day and staff feedback was positive. Many of the children even asked when they could come back, and we look forward to hearing about them in Year 6 and welcoming them into Year 7 in September 2015.


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    Geography fieldwork on the Holderness Coast

    All four GCSE geography option groups have now visited the Holderness Coast to put into the practice the field techniques they have been using at the Academy. A fitting conclusion to the academic year where the whole of KS3 and now KS4 have participated in fieldwork. Look out for ‘Geography in the Spotlight’ in September when you can see the culmination of this work and our work with the Geographical Association in promoting fieldwork.


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    Team Outwood Academy Adwick take on Pretty Muddy 2014

    Crossing the finish line on Saturday 28th June, the Pretty Muddy troupe from Outwood Academy Adwick sported mud, sweat and smiles. Students and staff successfully completed a 5km run and dipped and dived their way through mud and obstacles to reach the finish line in aid of Cancer Research UK. We would like to thank all those who made the event a success, especially our students whose attitude and dedication was evident throughout the day. On completing the event there was a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. Well done girls.